Reach your mobile customers directly

Send marketing campaigns and important notices directly to your mobile apps.

How it works


1. Simply drop the code into your app

The API is incredibly simple to use, and is available for both iOS and Android. Our SDK contains a full sample project, and includes comprehensive documentation.


2. Design and test your campaign

Text or images - Uberdeck does it all. Inform your users of an upcoming bug fix or feature with a text campaign, or use a full image campaign to cross-sell a new app.


3. Send and track your campaign

Schedule a campaign to be sent to one of your apps, or to all of them. Our analytics will give you a complete breakdown of your campaign delivery, with full reports of active recipients and clicks.

What can Uberdeck do for you?

Send push notifications and rich-content campaigns.

Send unique image campaigns designed specifically for your audience. Users of your apps will see the message and be able to click on the link you provide; a great way to cross-sell your apps, grow your brand, drive sales, and monetize your applications.

Mobile marketing has never been easier!

Deliver important news.

Do you need to send your customers an important message?

When you add a new feature or patch a bug, you're in limbo while the update is in the approval queue. With Uberdeck, you can send a text-campaign or a push notification, to inform your users of the upcoming update, preventing bad reviews before they happen.

Notify your customers directly and reliably.

Improve user experience.

Who doesn't like free extras? Make your app stand out from the crowd by sending your customers occasional tips, hints, level codes, promos, or holiday greetings.

Engage your app users and make them happy.

Know what's working.

With detailed reporting, you will always know how many users received your campaign, and how many clicked on the campaign link.

Your iOS and Android apps.

Uberdeck provides an SDK for both iOS and Android.

The SDK contains a library that you can simply drop into your app, a sample project that works right out of the gate with no configuration, and comprehensive documentation with step-by-step explanations, and a complete API reference.